Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Healed by the power of Dog

Yea, for behold I was struck with an mighty illness, like unto that which made mine guts wrench and heave. Struck mightely and suddenly was I, and was laid low in mine agony.

Behold, mine Dog did minister to me in mine suffering, annointing mine body with His fuzzy warmth. Yea, He didst ease mine wretched shivering.  He didst watch over mine retching and barfing and comfort mine soul with His presence. Yea, He didst sleep by mine side till mine suffering eased.

And thus dost I testify that I was healed, behold, I have been healed beyond measure by the furry power of Dog. Amen.


  1. Nobody loves you more than DOG. I know this to be true. :)

  2. That sucks you've been under the weather. Amen - I feel my doggy's love.