Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dead drunk

My daughter got her first lead in a play and she's over the moon. It's a one-act play about teenage drinking. Yes, that's the subject. When she first got the part she was a little dubious of her ability to act inebriated.

"Mom, I've never even SEEN a drunk person except those homeless people downtown! I've got to research on how to look drunk!"

Since there's a book for everything she found an acting book that explained the process of not only acting drunk, but also stoned, drugged and other various impairments. She explained to me exactly how long it took for one beer to last in the body and how fast to drink. She researches the hell out of everything she does. I sat there sipping my evening gin and Fresca as she educated me on booze. The irony was a little unsettling but amusing too.

I've been running lines with her as she memorizes her part and it's been rough. Hokey dialogue and just plain bad writing dominate. But even worse is that every person in the play ends up somehow injured or just plain dead! One guy becomes a rapist and a girl is raped. Another girl drives drunk and kills her best friend. No one escapes the grip of the Demon Alcohol.  Because just one sip will doom you to a life of suffering, pain and death! Bwahahahahahaha!!!

I've never looked like this. Promise.

*sigh* Now, I'm not in favor of teenage drinking but there has to be a more balanced way of portraying booze. Yes, there are alcoholics and impaired driving of ANY type is never okay.  But alcohol is enjoyed in moderation by millions of people. Including me, her mother. Somehow I need to teach her that but I'm still very afraid of what her reaction would be if she found out.  She's been indoctrinated thoroughly, at church and at school. It's the conundrum of the day.


  1. Well, I'm glad she got the part, and it's great that she's doing her homework for it. But I know what you mean about the message. It's hard to argue. The other side has fear in it's corner.

  2. Oh my. I mean, good on her for researching the issue thoroughly but holy bejeebus! The way this state demonizes drinkers is laughable and pathetic. And it's the people so indoctrinated who go on to make alcohol legislation for the rest of us.