Monday, December 6, 2010

Flogging the Frightened Rabbit

There's nothing like working retail to suck any holiday spirit from your mind and body.  In one of my jobs I am able to put on earphones and listen to music a bit.  It saves me from hearing things like:

"Laman, I'm not going to tell you to stop it one more time!  Not one more time!  Do you hear me?  Not once more!"
"Lemuel, quit biting your sister."
"If you get out of my sight, someone will take you and you'll never see me again!"
All this combined with the screaming of babies and toddlers.  Stores in Utah have a very high percentage of small children.  Multiply by eight hours and you've got the makings of a terrific migraine.

Well, I haven't been able to bear the thought of listening to Christmas music yet (not even my favorite Twisted Sister Christmas) so the other day I put on a mix of Flogging Molly and Frightened Rabbit.  Besides giving me a weird Scottish/Irish brogue for a while, it also depressed the hell out of me.  I just have no holiday spirit this year.  The tree is not up.  No lights are hung.  No time to do shopping for my own presents to give and not much money to do it with.  And the hubby is narrating the ward's Christmas program in a couple of weeks.  I really do NOT wnat to go and don't know what to do.  With any luck I'll be working and I won't have to make the decision.

I'm in a Bah Humbug funk that I can't seem to pull myself out of.  Is it just me this year or is anyone else feeling it?  Maybe I'll put funny Christmas sweaters on the dogs. But I'd have to actually shop for them. 


  1. Mmmmm...latte. I think I'll go have another one. Oh, and I blogged while having the first one.

  2. Just found some sage words of wisdom for you. "Children are like farts. You can really only tolerate your own."

  3. If we're looking for a bright side here... You introduced me to Flogging Molly! Thanks!

  4. Another bright side... Let me introduce you to The Young Dubliners. Every bit as good as Flogging Molly, so give em an ear, eh?

  5. Coffeeblogger- sometimes I can't even tolerate my own. Kids and farts.

  6. Utah radio has ruined all Christmas music for me. I can't stand it anymore. I totally feel your pain. Totally. Except it's a distant memory rather than a current condition. Life gets better. Someday ...

    Hubby's narrating the ward X-mas program? Oh. my. god. You poor thing.

    Write a book. I will buy it. I'm not kidding.

  7. Coffee Blogger--Lattes can't cure everything. sometimes you need a good, strong mocha.

    Koda--Frightened Rabbit and the Drop Kick Murphys are great too!

    Fanny--I'll give the Young Dubliners a try. I'll add 'em to my Scotch/Irish mix.

    CD--I don't think I have enough gas in me to write a book. But it's good to know at least one person would buy it!

  8. Make that two potential customers for your book - especially if it the cover involved a metal bustier!!

    I'll get 'em a listen!