Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zena with a Z

Ever since reading The Cognitive Dissenter's post "What's in a name?" I've been pondering names.  I'm approaching the half century mark and I've been trying to envision who and what I'd like to be at that point in my life.  I LOVE the name Helena Handbag but that was taken by a roller derby babe.  So I've settled for Zena with a Z.  That's the full name, as in "Hi, my name is Zena with a Z".  Pretentious?  I hope not.  I really don't care for the letter X but I like Z so Z it shall be. 

So who shall this Zena be?  Not a warrior princess.  The princess thing is SO overdone.  But I love the whole metal bustier thingy.  That would hold the old girls up better than the best underwire bra so I'll keep that.  So this is how I envision me, a mature Zena with a Z::

Smiter of the bigots and homophobes.
Slapper of the passive-aggressive.
Bearer of acceptance and understanding.
Owner of her very own coffee maker.  And maybe a grinder too.
Able to hang out at a coffee shop on Sunday mornings and read the paper with no guilt.
Keeper of a bottle or two of her favorite booze.
And free to live her own life as she sees fit, no longer doing just what's been expected of her by others.

I'll keep adding to the list but I think I've got a good start. I'll throw in a little Sis. Dottie S. Dixon too but less frumpy and more

I wonder if Blue Boutique has metal bustiers...


  1. I would help scour the web for you, but the corporate web filter has seen my name a few too many times in the past week!

  2. Slapper of the passive-aggressive, and in a metal bustiers. Awesome

  3. You know I thought of Xena when I wrote that post. I wonder if LDS Inc. would ever consider adding that New Name to their list? Something tells me NO.

    I like your Zena with a Z much better.

  4. Koda--Thanks for the offer but don't put your job in jeapardy for me. I found size 15 leather pumps on the internet. A metal bustier should be a snap.

    Donna--Yeah, I've got a whole list of people I want to slap.

    CD--That's weird that you thought of Xena. That's the first name I thought of and kept going back to. I've always had a thing for her, I guess.