Thursday, February 24, 2011

I did it to myself...

You will notice that I now have an adult content warning to get into my blog.  I did this myself as an option to locking down my blog to keep it from certain nosy eyes. And suddenly my page views shot way up!  A side effect I didn't anticipate.

But since you now have been warned, I might as well get a little racy in this post.  Cognitive Dissenter made a couple of comments that had me peeing my pants and if you missed them I've simply got to put them here.  The woman has a wicked way with words...

About my picture of Adam and God:  "Adam's flaccid penis in the above painting is nothing to shake a stick at, is it? Don't you think the first man would have a more impressive package? It looks like a worm crawled out of his crotch and sat on his leg."

"I am fascinated by the fact that so many men associate their sense identity with such a relatively small and vulnerable member of their person. I mean if it was really a brass rod 100% of the time that would be one thing. But most of the time it just sits there and looks lonely and sad."  

And then in my search for cool tattoo ideas, I came across this.  This little guy isn't sitting there lonely and sad.  He looks rather dapper.

And no, I will not be getting this tattoo.  Gawd, no.


  1. haha! You both make me laugh!! They do look sad and lonley until their ready for action!! My Uncle had one(tatoo)(so I'm told) of a bird on his bum cheek...pulling a worm out of....well you get the picture!

  2. I've seen mosquito bites leave a bigger lump. See boys, this is what roids will do to you.

  3. Of course your page views shot up. Utah doesn't have the highest online porn subscription rate per capita by accident.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my comments and thanks for the shout -- I do think that is one pathetic looking package laying there on Adam's leg. Malnutrition?

    @Xflies -- how in the world do you know about your uncle's tattoo?

  4. I must admit I felt a little naughty coming in here...

    And now for something completely different... Our Young Dubliner tickets arrived today -> Are you still in?

  5. Koda, I was waiting to get a "date" before I got my tickets. So here I am dateless and ticketless. I'm not even sure if they're still available.

  6. @CD It was pretty well known! All us kids heard he had it but thank goodness I never saw it!!

    @JZ Get your ticket girl!! No need for a date!!

  7. JZ, just go and enjoy it! You'll have us and the Koda's to hang with. We'll take care of ya!