Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday in Zion

As I drive to and from work, I pass several chapels.  Not a surprise, this being the Land of Zion and all. Yesterday I was treated to a plethora of pious people parading their progeny to pray in the pews.  Invariably, the women had those hideously long skirts which hit the middle of the calf, highlighting the fat part.   Add flat shoes and a serviceable coat and you've got all the makings of... a nun.  Which brought on a song...cue the music.

This is sung to the tune of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" but jazzier.  Think Ella Fitzgerald.

Hide your shoulders, knees and toes
Let no man peek at those.
Men are so horny, heaven knows
They get turned on by pantyhose.


  1. You know why this is so freaking funny? Because it's so awfully true! Those poor women. How can we free them from the flaxen cords of suffocating bad fashion?

  2. What a scary image. Also the thought of sitting through those awful meetings that are even more boring than the clothes.

  3. Haha. Great post. I sometimes go to the D.I. in Idaho Falls and see ladies with those long skirts and what look like hand-sewn shirts and those funny hairdos etc. I always assume they are polygamous ladies, there are plenty of them around here...

    P.S. I set my blog to have the "content warning" too. Thanks for letting my copy you (and Kori-whore). :)