Saturday, April 28, 2012

The utter joy of daughters

I'm so grateful to have my older daughter home from college for the summer. Without her here I wouldn't know:

That my arm hairs are getting freakishly long.

The calorie content of whatever I'm eating.

That my sweater is ugly.

That we have nothing good to eat in the house.

That I tell "everyone" "everything".

And last but not least, I wouldn't know how incredibly unhappy she is to be back home and how much she hates it. Hmmm. Being someplace you don't want to be and doing things you'd rather not be doing.  Welcome to my life.

I'm breaking out the gin and funny dog pictures. It's gonna be a looooong summer.


  1. I like children as long as I can give them back when I'm done. Especially if they start getting whiney.

  2. Something wonderful happens when they start having their own children: They appreciate you so much more. Until then, hang on for the ride and enjoy the gin. ; )