Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's encourage those heterosexuals cause I'm sure they're having a reeeeal tough time...


New!  From Deseret Book, of course! Because hetero discrimination is rampant!

Feel free to vomit in appropriate receptacles. Like Deseret Book stores.


  1. I never needed encouragement. Quite the opposite -- I probably needed to be told to calm down sometimes.

  2. Ridiculous. Although not surprising. Along these lines (encouraging heterosexuality), the church put out an edict about no-transgender costumes at church functions anymore. Males cannot wear female costumes. Females cannot wear male costumes. There was apparently a bit of an uproar at our ward's trunk or treat because one 6 year old girl came as Lightning McQueen (a male..CAR) and one came as Spider man. They had to remove their costumes. Our bishop felt HORRIBLE. In a situation where he had to choose between being reasonable and rational and following direct orders from the powers that be, he opted to follow orders, but it was obvious he didn't like that he even had to choose. Not to get off on a tangent, but I think that's why a lot of people eventually leave. They get tired of choosing obedience over common sense and kindness.

  3. Mike and I are both laughing our asses off, right this very minute.

  4. Kuri— Just imagine! You were a typical heterosexual boy! And with no encouragement at all!
    Donna—Not just ridiculous but whatthefuck ridiculous. Must be Pecker’s idea.
    Brandi—There was a bit of an uproar here in Zion because a bishop banned “cross-dressing” but I thought it was just a weird Utah bishop exercising his power. I didn’t realize it was that widespread. I feel for those poor little girls.
    CD—It is laughable! Maybe I’ll laugh after I spit and swear and have a big drink.

  5. I read part of this once. (I have a friend who thought I needed to express my anger, so he decided he needed to stop in to Deseret Book to look for something... I saw this book, read a few snippets, and walked out swearing. And once I got in the car - away from all the people - yelling and screaming.)

    It IS based on Packer's ideas. From a talk in the priesthood session about how men need to protect their masculinity.