Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I lost another half pound each of the past two days for a total of...drum roll...11 1/2 pounds!  That protruberance above my belt has shrunk considerably.  It likes to compete with my boobs to see which can stick out farther.  I call it Bob.  Bob is ugly.

The problem with losing weight is that I lose it in my boobs as well as other places.  I don't come from a well-endowed family.  One sister's husband calls her chest "nip nip on a rib".  The only reason I got boobs is because I've got a lot more body fat than my sisters do.  As the fat goes, so do the boobs.  *sigh*

That's all I've got.  I think my brain has shut down from lack of alcohol.  At this moment, that's what I miss the most.


  1. That is very cool! What exactly are you doing to burn the fat? I could burn a few pounds myself. Congrats on the weight loss!

    Oh, and I have to add, big boobs are overrated. If I gain weight I can gain at least a cup size. I'll take a smaller ass over big boobs any day. And jogging is much more comfortable without the top-heavy jelly. If I really want big boobs, like my friend who rivaled Dolly Parton lamented, I'd much rather have something I could take off at night and put in a drawer.

  2. CD, I'm doing HCG. It's controversial but I like what it does. The thing about boobs is, you can't put nothing in a push-up bra. You gotta have at least a little something to push up.