Monday, June 13, 2011

Flirtin' or convertin'?

My profile on attracted quite a flurry of activity the first couple of weeks.  Flirts and messages were sent from a plethora of guys.  But on sorting through them, it was apparent that most of them were from SHORT MEN!  Hell for brains!  Didn't they carefully read my profile and notice I'M OVER SIX FEET TALL?! 

Then there was the guy that sent the message "We have been blessed enough to have the truth within our reach if we will take hold of it."  What in the name of shit does that even mean?  If that's the way the guy flirts, it's no wonder he's single. 

The rest of the flirters were pretty much all "endowed" (not well endowed, I'll bet) "temple worthy" "attends church regularly" returned missionaries.  So why were they bothering to send flirts to an ex-Mormon dildo pusher?  I've pondered this for awhile and still can only come up with one explanation.  They are a bunch of hypocritical ass-holes. One guy did admit that, while he holds a current recommend, "a lot can change in two years".  Still sounds like a hypocrit to me.

On a lighter note, another 3 1/2 lbs have been lost.  That's 10 1/2 total!  I know it's going to slow down and probably even plateau, but I'm enjoying this while it lasts.


  1. Don't kid yourself, the fact that you're an ex-Mormon increases your sexiness score ten times. Hypocrites, sure. But smart ones. Who wants to spend an evening with a frigid TBM woman whose only expertise is RS centerpieces?

    Congrats on the weight loss! I'm envious.

  2. I'll take a stab. Because they are Mormon men, they have been well conditioned to believe that their sexual purity is dependent upon the spiritual strength and morality of the woman they are with. After all, weren't we all taught that boys can't control themselves so the girls have to keep them in line?

    So these "men" secretly believe they have a better chance of scoring with an exmo dildo pusher, yet they tell themselves they're going to try and convert you because then they don't feel so unrighteous when trying to hook up. They believe that if they end up getting what they really want it won't be their fault ... which means they can still take the sacrament and attend the temple guilt-free.

    My divorced Mo sister met boyfriend after boyfriend on LDSsingles. They were all weird. One was a bit of a stalker. Another complained to our parents when she broke up with him -- she's almost 50 for christ's sake!

    Their are weirdos everywhere but the odds of finding them go up astronomically in the Mormon single adult arena.

  3. Donna and CD, I found pretty much what I thought I would and it just reinforced my opinion of Mormon men. Ugh.