Sunday, June 12, 2011

A sincerely successful Sunday and some wienerschnitzel

So, it's not even noon yet and I've already finished most of chores I was going to do today.  This is odd.  I am generally not a morning person but I'm full of energy today!  Day two brought a loss of four pounds and on day three I lost three more.  That's seven pounds of fat gone! And my energy level is much higher than normal. (Okay, I'm not a high energy person at the best of times so it doesn't take much.) 

In other news, I'm very immature when it comes to humor (if you couldn't tell by now) and I don't think I'm the only one, because everyone seems to be having fun with poor Rep. Weiner's recent troubles.  I giggle at every headline (pun intended).  At just about the same time that WeinerGate broke, a friend gave me this T-shirt picked up on a recent trip.
Coincidence?  I'd post the famous crotch shot but I'm sure we've all seen it by now.  And frankly, they all look the same.

Have a weenie good Sunday all you heathens out there!


  1. LOL, I think our humor is very similar. Have a great Sunday yourself fellow heathen -- and don't forget the Tony Awards tonight, they should be a great substitute for Sac. Meeting.

  2. Seven pounds?! Woot woot! And what Donna said. For that matter anything on TV is better than sacrament meeting ... a boring as Mormon Heaven game of golf, for instance.

    We went for a beautiful walk in the nearby hills, made a beer run to Evanston, then spent the afternoon taking pics of a mama moose and her newborn calf that wandered into our backyard. I love heathen Sundays!