Friday, June 10, 2011

Good news/bad news

It was the first weigh-in on the low calorie part of the diet this morning.  The verdict?  I lost 4.5 pounds!  The bad news?  That's exactly what I gained from the two fat-loading days. 

But what fun days they were!  I ate anything I wanted as long as the fat content was high.  The irony is that I was craving a piece of fruit or some greens but I went for the double bacon cheeseburger and fries instead.  Donuts, cake and Ben and Jerry's were shoved down my throat.  I asked the barista at Starbuck's for the fattiest thing on the menu and had it with extra whipped cream.  I was feeling sick by the end of the second day.  Maybe that's another reason why you're supposed to fat-load.  Those apples look damn good the next day.

I can't even count the number of times yesterday that I subconsciously reached for food and caught myself just before it hit my mouth.  I walk through the kitchen and my hand just automatically reaches for a couple of oreos or a handful of granola.  No wonder the weight has crept back on so easily!  I can't imagine how many calories I must have shoveled in without my even thinking about it.

So on to day two!  I'm grillin' me an onion...

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  1. Cool! I love grilled veggies during the summertime. Have you ever tried fennel baked after being lightly basted with olive oil? It's delicious. Sometimes I'll do that with mushrooms and red peppers.

    If you're looking for low carb idea ... A few days ago we grilled scallops basted with fresh lime juice and olive oil ... man I love those. I made some papaya salsa (for the first time) with papaya, red onion, chopped cilantro, a little minced garlic, pepper, and fresh lime juice. So good.