Friday, August 5, 2011

Den of lies

At work the other night when the employees gathered for "cuddle time" we played a game called "Den of Lies". In this game three people are asked to tell something about themselves but one person will lie. Then the others vote on who they think is lying. I was chosen to tell the truth but I searched my brain for something so outlandish that it would seem like a lie.  Hmmm.  Got it! 

I sat there in my sensible, comfy shoes and capris, the picture of demure maturity, and said, "I write Mormon porn for a blog."  When it came time for voting, not ONE PERSON voted for me as the liar.  One of my co-workers just commented, "It sounds like something Zena would do."  Damn.  They're starting to see through me.

And, yes, I have another guest post on White and Delightsome!