Monday, June 6, 2011

What a German...

What do you call a constipated German?  Fahrfrompüpin

What do you call a bra in German?  Keepemfromfloppin

What do you call a tampon in German?  Twatstika

What do you call a gynocologist in German?
Hans Upperkunt

What do you call Vaseline in German?  Vienerschlide

What do you call a blind German?  A nazi

What do you call a German who's left on a trip?  You don't.

So the Sour Kraut and the eldest daughter have gone on a road trip for a few days.  I am expecting high doses of peace and quiet.  Between my work and play practice for the youngest, the dogs will be lonely.

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  1. My second child was born in Germany, at a German hospital, with a German OBGYN. I'll never be able to think of him (the OBGYN) the same again. :)