Friday, May 6, 2011

A sip in the right direction

Behold this thing of beauty.  This is the first cup of coffee made with my new coffee maker.  ( Words that are truly worth bold, underline and italics!)  Now, most people would think, "what's the big deal?"  But any Ex-Mo knows what the big deal is. 

I bought a coffee maker and set it on the counter.  Then I realized I needed filters to use it and had to buy some the next day.  But finally, this morning, I brewed me up a pot of Kona Vanilla sin.  Oh! What an aroma. AND I was finally able to use the coffee mug I got in Vegas for the very purpose for which it was created. 

And what did my TBM family have to say about that shiny black elephant sitting on the counter?  You guessed it--nothing.  Yet. Maybe tomorrow I will brew a pot while they are actually home...  


  1. OOOOOH! Scandalous!

    I think I have the same mug from Vegas. Good thing you learned how (not) to brew coffee from me, huh? Happy early mother's day!

  2. You go girl!!

  3. Tex, I love my coffee strong and you taught me how to make it right. My second effort was too weak. Blich.

    Thanks, CD!

  4. I hope you wake up Mother's Day morning to the smell of someone having brewed you a big ol' pot!