Monday, February 7, 2011

Theology of Monty Python - Every Sperm is Sacred

My favorite movie scene of all time.  I appreciate it  even more than when I first saw it over 25 years ago.  But it got one thing wrong. It grouped Mormons in with the contraceptive users. Not the orthodox ones!  In fact, you need to get permission from your bishop to get a vasectomy.  That fact very nearly kept my husband out of the bishopric!  We had not sought permission to limit our family before we got him snipped and neutered.  How sad that would have been!  How utterly devastating!

Cognitive Dissenter's post today cuts far too close to the bone.  I'm really rather surprised something like this hasn't happened..  If there were more women in the legislature, it just might.  Besides, very few men actually look good in tighty whities.  But...the sacred underwear aren't any better.


  1. I like that scene too, come to think of it, that might have kept Mark out of a bishopric.

  2. I had no idea men had to get the bishop's permission to get a V. Seriously??!! Is that true still today?

    That movie clip is hilarious. I had never seen it before today.

  3. Permission to get the big V? Why would that be any of the priesthood's business? Talk about invasive ...

    I guess that's better that Catholicism, at least, which bans contraception and sterilization altogether.

  4. CD, it's in the bishop's handbook. Well, it was a few years ago and I imagine it still is.

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