Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Help! My E is missing!

So my damn dog tried to type on my laptop and knocked off my "E" key, leaving just a stump to type on.  Add this to my sticky spacebar and it takes three times as long to type as it normally would.  Unless...I just keep on typing and don't go back and correct anything.  Yeah, that's it.  That'd be way faster.  Let me try it.

So todayI'v spnt most of m morningplayingZuma bcausemystupid sister challngd m andIalwasy havto accpt a challng but sh's frakishly fast and Ica not kp up with hr.

Eh, maybe not.


  1. But it gos to prov that w rally don't nd th __ ky bcaus I could undrstand xactly what you typd.
    Hop you wr abl to kick your sistr's ass in Zuma.

  2. I didkickhr ass for awhilbut shfinallywhoopd me.

  3. Youshould gt a mac