Friday, January 14, 2011

Primary Songs--revisited

All the coffee and espresso I consumed the other night at work must have had some sort of creative property in it.  All day long I was singing this song.

Sung to "Little Purple Pansies"

Little purple panties touched with lace and trim
Have replaced the garments that were, oh, so grim
My lady bits are covered and so why, why ,why
Did they say I never should give them a try?

And this little ditty sung to the tune of "I Have Two Little Hands"

I have two little boobs swaddled snugly and tight
Amidst layers of fabric all snowy and white
During all the long hours from one day to the other
My poor little boobies are never uncovered

Who's got more?  We could have our own songbook!


  1. Haha! Here's one, sung to "We Are a Happy Family":

    I love sex ed in Utah
    “Abstain and don’t go near her bra”
    Me ‘n Joe stayed out late studying God’s law
    That’s how I got chlamydia

  2. I've been working on an adult hymn, "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel" but I've only got the chorus:

    Bare your shoulders to the sun,
    Feel the bre-eze.
    It's your body you should do
    As you ple-ease
    Take off those Gs
    And bare your knees
    Let your pale skin see the sun.

  3. You're good! (lmao!)

    Once I started working on "Praise to the man who conjugated with Fanny Alger in the barn" but I didn't get very far. I couldn't work out the rhyming ... but with a little tweaking ... Hmmm, "Praise to the man who de-bloomed Miss Eliza ..." Hey!

  4. Well, primary will certainly be more interesting for me this week.

  5. CD, finish that song! I want to see how it ends... :)

    Brandi, I'm going to do my best to warp your mind to all Primary songs from now on.