Monday, January 24, 2011

Piffle and spit

this phone will not let me make comments. damn smart phone. i give up. and i also give up on making capitol letters. i will write like writer who's name i cant think of and who i can't google because of my damn phone. just pretend i'm profound and published instead of technologically impaired.

but i had write about what happened the other day even if it takes me all morning and it probably will. i got a call from my visiting teacher who i've blogged about before. i would link the post but let's be real here. i can't even make most punctuation marks. anywho, she said her son, the gay one, had been questioning and thinking. damn smart kid. it's about time. she had loaned me some books and wondered if she could have them back. i'd read them all and felt embarressed that i hadnt already returnd them. she came to pick them up and i tried to talk to her. get her to tell me more about what was happening with her son. but she just took the books and hurried away, looking down at the ground. i know how she feels. been there, done that. i really worried when she was so happy that her son was determined to stay in the church. it just isn't that easy.

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