Monday, May 2, 2011

Car wars...

The world is in chaos.  Dangerous weather, wars and devastation.  And I'm blogging about...a car.

My 18 year old daughter moved home from college last week.  I love her but I have no privacy when she's around. It's just the way it is and always has been.  She needed a job (before I blew a gasket) and she got one-- at the very store where I work evenings and weekends. The extra job I got so I could pay her college expenses. The irony abounds.

But wait a minute!  I would now have extra money each month!  I could buy--gasp!--a second car.  Nothing fancy but I would have more than enough to make a car payment and cover the additional insurance!  And we can use a second car.  With four busy people in the house all going to different jobs and school and activities, it is already a nightmare of scheduling with me taking the brunt of it.  Sometimes my day job takes second place to the family taxi service I'm running.  Good thing the hours are flexible or I'd be fired. (The day job is flexible, not the taxi service.)

So I contacted my credit union and applied.  Of course, I had to use the husband's income to qualify because I don't make enough to qualify on my own.  No biggie.  I'm handling all the payments so not a dime will come out of his pocket. 

I started looking for a reliable used car.  How exciting!  I could get a car that's less than 12 years old and is an automatic so my daughters could actually drive it.  (Unlike my current car.)  Life was looking good!  And you know what happens when life starts to actually to go right.  BAM! Sir Sour Kraut pulled the rug out from under my dreams.  He would not sign.  I could not use his income to qualify. No car.  Just more running around for me while still trying to work for pay. 

Now, I could have argued but I know from past experience that he doesn't listen.  If something is not his idea then it's not a GOOD idea.  And the topper?  He came home with a brand new MacBook for the daughter who is no longer in college.  But it was his idea so it was okay.

So I saved my breath and used it to call a lawyer. It's time to find the respect I feel I deserve and I know I'm never going to find it in this marriage.  I've tried and tried and tried again.  I'm done.

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  1. What a dick! I'm so glad you are getting out!!! You deserve so much better.