Friday, November 19, 2010

A short history of gas...

I've redesigned my blog a bit and I noticed it really looks like a man blog.  Men like farts and all that stuff.  But there is another reason I chose this title and theme.

My mother has always been a gassy woman.  For as long as I can remember, she would belch multiple times a day and every time she would look startled and say, "OH!  Excuse me!" like it took her by surprise and she had no idea where it came from!  The running joke was that mom's side of the family let the gas out and dad's side just bloated.  If you've ever had abdominal surgery such as a laparoscopy where they fill you with gas, you know how painful bloating can be.  So I learned from watching my mom that you should embrace the gas and let it go.  Let it out and feel the relief.  But don't act surprised.  Everybody knows you're gassy.  So I am embracing my mental gas in this blog and hoping to get some relief! 


  1. I think the title of your blog is hilarious! I have to admit, I was a little surprised to find out you're a female... which makes it even BETTER! It's very clever because we're all connected to find validation, a listening ear, and to be able to just let all the gas out. It sure feels better after a good ripping fart!

  2. Yes. Embrace the gas. Lose the bloating.

    "Is there no other way?"

    "There is no other way."

    "Then I will fart."

    "Yes, it is better that we should pass through the stench ... and thereby free ourselves from lame women's events like Enrichment Night."

  3. I'm glad you women get it! Most women around here are stillrepressed and depressed and keeping all the bloat in.

    And CD, I just about snorted up my morning coffee. That is hilarious!