Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pernicious guilt

Since writing my last post about things that get me through I've had this nagging sense of guilt.  It niggled at me and it's black cloud followed me around all morning.  But why?!  Well, my house is now rife with the stench of the gaseous epiphany!  I didn't list enough things about my children in it!  My children should be the upper-most thought in my mind at all times.  They are the air that I breathe and the reason I live!  My life is nothing without them! 

This idea has been burned in my psyche by hundred-- if not thousands--of lessons, talks and Ensign articles over my life span.  I know in my conscious mind that I am a person in my own right but my subconscious doesn't get it.  Maybe it never will.  Or maybe it just needs a few shots of Jager with my ho friends.  I've gotta go light some scented candles.  The stench is overwhelming.

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