Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday I took my youngest to a music store.  It's in a cool old building in the middle of the valley with squeaky floors and it's simply packed with music books of all kinds.  Scott Joplin for organ, anyone:? 

The guitar music was near a wall that was covered in beautiful violins of all different sizes, along with bows and their three-and-four digit price tags.  Soon a boy of about ten walked over and removed one from the wall.  I cringed.  It was obvious from the way he handled it that he did not play.  An employee came walking up.  A youngish, skinny guy.  I waited for him to rescue the violin.  Instead he said, "Hi, I'm the violin maker.  Shall we find one your size?"  He had the boy hold out his arm to measure a violin against.  When they found the perfect one he asked, "Would you liike to hear it?"  He then preceeded to play the most beautiful song.  Chills literally went down my spine. This man has a passion for music and he shares it.  Whether helping someone find sheet music or sharing the glory of a violin with a little boy, he shared his passion.  I consider him one very lucky man.

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