Thursday, January 5, 2012

Survival of the fattest

For the first time in weeks I am sitting alone in the house with a hot cup of coffee. Sheer heaven. Well, the dogs are here but they always are and they are quite pleasant. Furry, warm and loving. Simple creatures. When they are hungry, one of them kicks the dog bowl until they are fed. When they are happy, they frisk around the house with toy ropes, tails wagging. So easy to be around. I love my dogs. If only people were as simple.

It's been an orgy of work, sleep and family home for the holidays. Exhaustion reigned. An exhaustion so deep that I actually entertained the idea of going to church on Christmas Day so I could see my kids a little more! But I simply couldn't think of the proper outfit to wear. You know, an outfit that makes me look hot with just a touch of skank mixed with loving mother. (I doubt the proper outfit even exists.) I compromised by staying home with my eldest (fantastic heathen that he is) and he colored my hair while I sipped coffee.

I admit I reveled in the treats of the season. A co-worker's homemade truffles. Pie. Cinnamon rolls. All the damned fudge, toffee and cookies from the families my husband home teaches. (Wasn't it kind of them to give their insulin-dependant diabetic home teacher lots and lots of sugar? I ate it to protect him.) But I'm nipping that in the bud butt right now and have gone extreme low carb while I flush that shit out of my system along with the accumulated fat. Life is slowly settling back to normal.

How did you survive the holidays?


  1. I'm still in a daze. Can't get back to normal.

  2. Made it thru the holidays wonderfully. I turned in my papers to retire in November and was offered a new job right before Christmas. Christmas day we left for Mesquite and we spent a week in the desert sun. Lots fo good bourbon and food.
    Im back to work now but it seems to be okay. I guess that means I had a good holiday

  3. "You know, an outfit that makes me look hot with just a touch of skank mixed with loving mother."

    Perfect. And nowhere to be found in this perty grate state. Start your own line. I'll buy. Just design something classy that actually flatters the feminine figure and is not garment friendly. Put the tags trendily on the outside and call the brand "Loving Mother."