Sunday, September 4, 2011

Food fetishes

I've got another blog post over at White and Delightsome. I have to admit that it was inspired by a dream I had some time ago about a doughnut.  A very, very special doughnut. Yeah.  I love doughnuts.  I love sugar.  I love carbs of all types and I thought I'd never be able to live without them.  However, it has been at least 10 weeks since any of those have touched my lips.  The closest I get is a little Nutella mixed with natural peanut butter and smeared on a banana. ( Oh, God.  I think that might inspire a phallic-symbolled dream.)

I've battled high cholesterol the past few years and haven't had much luck in lowering it.  But this past week I was tested and I had dropped it almost 100 points!  AND I had raised my good cholesterol as well.  My doctor commented that I had obviously changed something in my diet and that my skin looked glowing and healthy. Since it obviously wasn't a pregnancy glow (thank the lovely surgeon who took all that out) I attribute it to all the food I'm eating INSTEAD of carbs.  Nuts, vegetables and fruits and a little meat. Oh, and hummus. And peanut butter.

So if I'm smart, and have enough self control, this is the way I will eat from now on.  My body runs well on this kind of fuel and feels great.  So I'm going to dream and write about my carbs and then grab me some nuts. Raw and unsalted.


  1. Bad cholesterol dropped almost 100 points?!! That is fantastic, Zena! And I must say, your phallic sounding snack sounds delicious. I may have to buy some bananas tomorrow ...

  2. Have you ever tried nutella on a real phallus? Me neither.

  3. You're right, that's no Krispie Kreme! ;) Congrats on the new cholesterol #'s!