Friday, January 20, 2012


My "Free by Fifty" plan has been moving along nicely. The last (but not least) problem has been getting my uneducated ass some marketable skills so I can support myself. I had found the solution and have been eagerly awaiting the starting date. On-the job-training for certification! I could keep the job that I have insurance with and get free training while getting paid to work! Woot! The solution to ALL my problems. (Okay, just SOME problems. But major ones.)

That was abruptly yanked out from under me yesterday, leaving me dangling, my haunches in the air and udderly vulnerable. I'm feeling stuck. Again.


  1. When one teat dries up, another starts lactating. Or something like that.

    Keep your chin up. Sometimes opportunities come in unexpected ways.

  2. I hate that feeling. Love the picture though.

  3. Donna, giving up is not an option but I'm going to wallow in self pity for a bit.

    Marianne, thank you for adding to the cow analogy!

    CD, when I was the picture I felt a strange kinship with that cow and knew I had to use it on my blog so I could share the joy. Or something.

  4. Oh BUMMER! But I do love that cow.