Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crafting with booze

As I mixed a luscious gin and Fresca tonight, I reached into my liquor cabinet (otherwise known as under-the-bed) and discovered that I only had a couple of ounces of gin left. *sigh*. Then I discovered an empty rum bottle and a nearly-empty vodka bottle. Oh, dear. This presents a real conundrum. If I'm going to keep drinking at this rate, I will need to figure out some way to dispose of those empties! I could just throw them in the garbage but they're so pretty! One jaunty gin bottle came complete with a little top hat. Maybe it was the flyer on my door for a Big Relief Society Craft Night, but I feel inspired to do something creative with them. Let me think...

I could:

Arrange them prettily on the bishop's porch or perch them jauntily among the autumnal mums in his flower bed.

Leave them in a box for the young women's president, offering them for use as a visual aid for her next lesson on The Word of Wisdom and The Evils of Demon Liquor.

Use one as a vase for a lovely flower arrangement.

Make a lovely little lamp

Use them to hold my bitchin' boots upright when I'm not wearing them.

Make some delightful Christmas decorations with just a few strings of lights. (Elvis optional.)

And best of all-- a Christmas tree! I'd better start drinking more if I'm going to have enough bottles by Christmas! Yay! A reason to drink! Like I need another one.


  1. OK, that Christmas Tree is a keeper. Make sure it's lit up for the entire neighborhood!

  2. Donna, after calculating how much booze I'd have to drink to make this Christmas tree, I've decided to go with the lamp. It's not worth the hangover.

  3. Those photos were neat! Also, I knew a stone mason who incorporated horizontal wine bottles into a stone fascade he constructed, to a lovely effect. I'm sure liquor bottles would work just as well.