Sunday, September 11, 2011

My patronus is a cold germ

Why couldn't my patronus be something cool like a unicorn or a hypogriff? But it still did it's job of protecting me from evil. 

The morning of the sister's meeting in my mother's room at the care center found me so congested and obviously contagious that I begged off.  If I'd gone they probably would have stopped me at the front desk and thoroughly sprayed me with sanitizer before tossing me outside. 

But I had to work that night because in retail they don't care how sick you are as long as you're mobile.  I went all around the store straightening the clothes while clutching a wad of soggy tissues in one hand and popping cough drops in my mouth.  I apologize to anyone I infected and I'm sure there are many. I got my daughter sick just days before her singing audition for the school play.  I shared my germs with a friend visiting from out of town. (Since it was a rare visit we decided the risk of contagion was worth it.) I think the only person in contact with me that didn't catch it was my husband.  Yeah, that would have been like immaculate conception. *snort*

I'm still secreting massive amounts of phlegm at an alarming rate. If I could find a market for the stuff I could quit work and just milk my head. It sounds more pleasant than working retail during the holiday season.


  1. Yuck! Maybe you need a hot toddy tonight.

  2. From the first tickle in my throat I sucked religiously on Cold Eeze for a day and a half and I believe it helped minimize my symptoms. There is nothing worse than having to work when you're sick. But A.W.E.S.O.M.E that you were protected from evil. FSM works in mysterious ways ...

  3. Donna, I'd give my right tonsil to drink a hot toddy in my own little bed. Fat chance though.

    CD, No one that I infected got it as bad as I did. It must be a punishment for my unfaithfulness.

  4. Oh goodness. Feel better soon!!