Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Faarting for real

I've been thinking of getting a Google + account for awhile but was too damn lazy (and addicted to Zuma on Facebook).  But things have come to a head lately. I find I never post because of all my TBM friends and family.  It is impossible to BE myself because I'm constantly censoring myself.  So to become more real, I'm going to Google using a pseudonym. Yes, I'm going fake to become more real.  So if you want to be my friend on Google +, just look for Ivanna Faart. I'll be farting for real this time around.


  1. LOL.

    "I'm going fake to become more real."

    How true.

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with FB for all the reasons you mentioned. Whenever I do login I seriously think about deleting my account ... but it feels like a necessary evil for some strange reason.

    Anyhoo, my daughter sent me an invite to Google + a few weeks ago and I just have made it there yet. I'll have to check it out. I love the possibility of being real on a social networking site. FB feels more like a fast and testimony meeting, including all the awkward moments.

  3. Tex, I envy how you are totally real! And you have a fabulous ass also.

    CD, I just added you to my circle. Not may people on there yet but on the plus side there isn't anyone bearing their testimony either.

  4. I thought this said "LEARNING To Fart." I've known how since I was a baby.