Friday, July 29, 2011

Here comes the neighborhood!

This article in the Salt Lake Tribune caught my eye because on the same day this story on the increase in gay households in Utah ran, my son became one of those households.  He and his partner acquired a large mortgage and a house and are moving in together.  They are movin' on up to the west side!  Watch out you Mormon neighbors, the gays are a comin'!

But seriously, I hope the neighbors treat them like any other family that moves into the neighborhood.  Take them cookies or fresh baked bread.  Help them build a new fence and finish the yard.  Wave when you drive by.  Just be kind to them.  Because they are your neighbors now and according to that article, there's only going to be more and more of them. And they are just people.  And one of them is my son.


  1. This post made me warm and fuzzy inside.

    I wish I was lucky enough to have a gay couple as my neighbors. Oh... the BBQ"s we would have!

  2. Heather, my boy is an excellent cook and can throw a hell of a barbecue!

  3. I wish I could be his neighbor.