Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What the hail!


I drove home through driving rain and pounding hail.  Or as Utahns say it, hell.  Yes, I literally drove through hell.  Hell and crazy weather.  I was afraid it would dent my car! 

And on a related note, I had a lot of firsts on my last trip to Vegas.  Most of them I won't list here but include walking the strip in a strappy sundress.  Go me!  I did it!  I fit into a sundress and actually wore it.  All day.  Without a sweater.  And my shoulders are slightly less white.  Tan was asking too much.  I will never be remotely tan.

Another first occured when I got to the airport to return home.  I had two hours to kill after I got through security.  I was depressed to be leaving after having such an awesome time.  But what did I spy near my gate?  A bar and grill.  So I bellied on up to the bar and ordered the one thing I could think of that wouldn't contain wicked sugar.  "Give me a rum and Diet Coke... and make it a double."  Damn, was I smooth.  Just like I'd been doing it all my life.  Yeah.  Unlike a drink in Utah, I could actually taste the rum and that big ol' glass gave  me a gentle, fuzzy buzz that, sadly, wore off before I got home. Back to reality.  Reality sucks sometimes.

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