Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reno bound

After years of forgetting Nevada was mere hours away from my home, I am now headed there for a second time in less than a month.  A chance for a very long weekend in Reno was offered and I accepted with alacrity.  A road trip with my 'ho girls! One is happily married to Jesus (true story--he posed for Greg Olsen), one freshly divorced, and then there's me, who is neither.  It should be an interesting four days.  Or maybe I'll find work as a pole dancer and just stay there. 


  1. You should have done the stripper class with us. Then you'd at least have a license for the pole. :)

    Have fun!!!

  2. Jesus is married to a ho-girl? Awesome.

    Go down [to Reno] then return and report.

  3. Have a great trip!! I'm glad you're taking advantage of every opportunity you get to enjoy life! Have an extra mojito for me.