Monday, March 14, 2011

Pedicures--cheap and legal

I treated myself to a pedicure this weekend.  A treat it is with money being so tight.  But the past couple of weeks have been hard and my poor dogs were barking and sore and I thought they could use it.  (And besides, I can't go to BGW with crusty old feet. Ick.)

I sat there in the massage chair reading trashy magazines while my feet were soaked, scrubbed, and moisturized.  My legs were exfoliated, kneaded and pounded until they were tingly and relaxed.  This went on and on until my nails were finally tipped with my favorite polish color "Naughty".   I texted a friend while I was in the midst of this luxurious orgasm describing the decadence and asked him if there was a male equivalent. He replied that there was, but it was more expensive and illegal in most states.  Heh heh.  Well, I got my happy ending. 

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  1. Loved this post! Your toes look divine! I love those gems.