Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Silence of the farts

For some odd reason I have not been able to comment on any blogspot blog, including my own. After spending valuable minutes coming up with a pithy comment then typing it in and correcting all the typos, it gives me an error! Every time! All my inspired snark, silenced. Maybe the it's the universe telling me to shut it. Fine. I'll go have more coffee.


  1. JZ, people tell me that this has been happening to them on my blog and I've no idea why. I haven't blocked anyone! Do you think it's a blogger thing?

  2. I'm relieved (pun intended) to learn that others are having issues with blogspot. I'm having a terrible time with pages loading and leaving comments. It must be a bigger problem (in fact, this is the second time I tried to leave a comment here; earlier I couldn't get the comments page to load. :/ )

  3. That happened to me a few months ago. I could not comment on any blogspot or even on my own... It repaired itself after about two weeks...