Friday, April 22, 2011

The right to bare arms

For 48 summers my shoulders have been hidden from sunlight.  Blouses with sleeves have been the rule of the day-- sleeves that were long enough to cover any real (or even potential) garments.  Train the girls from the time they are babies to dress modestly and they won't go astray! 

(Okay, there was the brief period in high school where I wore tube tops under my modest shirts and then removed the modesty once I left the house.  But tube tops make your boobs look like a couple of fried eggs landed on your chest, so it may have been daring but it wasn't flattering.)

Well, this summer I am going to show off my lily-white beacons of apostasy!

It's just too bad I caught a terminal case of relief society arm. 

Watch out world!  Here they come!


  1. Oh hell... doesn't that just suck a big one?? I've got the same problem. Same with legs. When I looked better in my younger years, I had to keep em covered up. Now that I flaunt it, it would be better to cover up. Shit. I guess I just don't really care.

    Hey, at least Stake President thinks you're hot. He wants you to slap him.

  2. "Lily white beacons of apostasy" is probably the best line ever.

  3. They won't be lily white for long. And a healthy bit of color is slimming. You go girl!

  4. Macha-- you joining me?

    Fanny--I had some damn good shoulders and arms when I was younger. Yeah, it's a shame they were wasted. And that stake president, I just don't what to think of him. That smarmy picture doesn't help.

    Brandi--I tried sleeveless last summer and I seriously felt like I was waving the flag of apostasy. I feel more secure this year.

    CD--A healthy bit of color is slimming. That's why I wear black. Can't get darker than that.

  5. There called "bingo wings". Ever see those old ladies when they get bingo and they shake their fists in the air?