Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, my freaking heck!

An absolutely hilarious article from The Onion.  What's really going on at BYU since the Brandon Davies incident.  But beware, it's at least R rated.  I spewed my coffee laughing though.


  1. JZ, I love love love that piece. It's just so hilarious. All the students who are interviewed are in the midst of climax, except poor Brandon, lol.

  2. Is that picture for real? That's a pretty busy street and I can't imagine them really doing that right there without getting arrested. It's a funny article though.

  3. My heathen sister posted this article on FB yesterday. I laughed me ass off. If only the students at BYU would be so free-thinking ...

  4. Donna, poor Brandon already got his, right?

    Fanny, I'm sure it was photoshopped. And I can't imagine any of the students even imagining doing that.

    CD, my heathen bro-in-law posted it to FB also. I didn't have the guts to share it on there.