Monday, March 28, 2011

I don't think God likes women very well

Just before I left for Heathenville, I read this post.  It's powerful and I wish I'd written it.  I, of course, didn't remember what blog I had seen it on and searched fruitlessly for it only to finally find it when I returned home.  I've included my some of my favorite parts but read it all if you can.  I'd love to know what y'all out there in bloggerland think.  Oh, and some of Kori-Whore's Mormon Demotivators go along perfectly with it.

The God I was raised with authored the many policies and rules that governed my life growing up. Those same rules shaped me into a very specific person. I was female, I was always guilt ridden, and now I think I am finally beginning to understand why...

I used to proudly tell others of the respect and honor paid to women in my religion. Looking back, I realize a lot of it was a lot of honoring the honoring, or lip service paid to the lip service. Because when I stack it all up now, it doesn’t add up to so much respect...

What does this teach our daughters to think of themselves? Where does the blame go when one of them finds herself abused by a man?  Who do you think she is going to blame?  Herself.

After all, that’s what she has been taught all of her life. Her actions are directly responsible for the choices of the men in her life.


  1. I have 3 (tbm) daughters. I hate thinking sometiems how I've not helped them. We fail because we're human, not because we can't measure up. The beauty and innocence of young women is far too much to waste on bowing your head and going along with the BS.

  2. As a woman that was abused, I DID think exactly that... MY fault. If I could just be better, he wouldn't do that.

    It was all bullshit!

  3. Will, you still have plenty of time to make it up to your daughters. And you can show them how a real man treats women.

    CD, Thank YOU. You are awesome.

    jen, even if a woman isn't abused as badly as you were, there is still the mentally that they don't deserve better than what they get. I'm still trying to change that about myself.

  4. I'm glad you finally found it JZ! It's an excellent read. And.... how bout that warm welcome by the discussion group, eh? Don't you feel so loved?