Tuesday, January 4, 2011

(Wo)men in Black

I realized today that my closet looks like a black hole.  Black shirts of all styles, black sweaters, pants socks, even black undies. Dressing is easy.  I pick a black top, pants, sweater, jacket,  boots or shoes.  Maybe accessorize with a colorful scarf or some silver jewelry.  Done.  Easy as black bottom pie.  Since I'm not a New Yorker then I'm either a very boring person or a minion of satan. 

Maybe I could hire myself out as a professional mourner.  Do some cultures still have those?  Except I have an extreme hatred of funerals.  So I guess being a funeral director is out too. 

World's oldest Goth or Emo?  Hmmm.  I look awful with black hair and I don't have enough piercings or tattoes. And I just couldn't get the eye makeup right. 

I guess that leaves Minion of Satan.  


  1. Black is hot. It's a power color. You could always add some white t-shirts to throw off God's Army. ; )

  2. Well... in a way you're in mourning, so black is appropriate! (and it's slimming)

  3. A slimming power color! That's better than boring.