Friday, December 10, 2010

Got my dander in a twist again

Oh, I guess it's my knickers that are in a twist.  My dander is up.  I've got to change my newspaper from the Deseret News to the Tribune.  It just gets worse every day and there's always something else that induces gags over my morning coffee.  Today it was a lovely little column written by Linda and Richard Eyre intitled "Pre-existence helps parenting".  If you're familiar with the Eyres, you know they had a bajillion kids and now consider themselves authorities on parenting.  If you want to read the whole sickly-sweet column you can find it here.  Anyway, it expounds on the idea that as Mormon parents, we know  "our children had their beginnings (and developed their personalities) long before genetic heredity and mortal environment came into play.  Most moms know the personality of their newborns even before they bring them home from the hospital. They are who they already are. Their unique natures and characteristics have been developing over the past half of eternity."  Hmmmmm...interesting.  And yet, the church teaches that no one is BORN GAY.  Hmmmm... I'm so confused now!  I think they need to clarify a few things.  I would write them a letter but that's so old-fashioned.  I'll just throw this out on the internet and maybe they'll see it.

Hey!  Rick and Linda!  Can I be so familiar or should I call you Brother and Sister Eyre?  Well, anyway, I have a question for you.  You've got a whole herd of kids, so odds are that one of them is gay.  When (hopefully not if) that child tells you, what will you say?  Will you tell him that it's a choice he's making, that he WASN'T born that way?  Will you tell him God doesn't make gay people?  What about the myriad of little things you noticed about him throughout his childhood that made him different than his siblings?  Can you deny he CAME THAT WAY?  Will you then look into his beautiful face and anguished eyes and tell him that, unlike the rest of your children, you do NOT want him to find a partner to marry?  That you want him to spend this life alone and without anyone to share love and affection with?  Can you really do that?  Because the decision you make in this situation will show what kind of parents you REALLY are.


  1. Ah yes, the Eyres . . . blech. Do switch to the Tribune, but before you do, get your picture taken drinking coffee with the Deseret News. It's too good an image to pass up.

  2. You should definately switch to Playgirl or Cosmo. The articles are pretty good... and much more realistic.