Sunday, September 18, 2011

Everything you wanted to know about Master Baiting but were afraid to ask

So I've got another guest post at White and Delightsome. If you give enough of a shit to follow poor Molly's saga, here are the links to her story in order:

Pt. 1 Be Oral
Pt. 2 Crouching Lawnmower, Heaving Bosoms
Pt. 3 Charles' Little Chocolate Factory
Pt. 4 Molly"s Dirty Little Secret

And if you haven't read this blog at all, you are really missing out. Those women are fucking geniuses.


  1. Molly is a great character! Can't wait to read more of her exploits, I have a feeling the bishop will be inviting her back to his office sooner rather than later. ;)

  2. I love you, Zena. If you were a man and your name was Mike I would totally do you. : )

    And *you* are a fucking genius. W&D is so much fun! I crack up every time I read a new post (except for those I've written). I *know* Donna's Merrilee and I wish I had been more like Vanessa back in the day. Instead I was Molly (except I didn't have her rockin' shower head. Dammit. Oh, and I'm afraid I would have killed Martin and made it look like an accident. Or just divorced the bastard.)

    Molly has a little of every Mormon woman in her and I love her. Don't get me started on how I used to make love to high end pastries.

  3. Donna, I'm not sure what the bishop has planned! I really have no idea where Molly is headed. She's so clueless, she doesn't know either.

    CD, if my name was Mike I'd do you too. And I love all those crazy women on the blog! I dressed like Eliza for so many years. *retch and shudder* No doughnuts for me anymore but I'm a gonna go lick me a banana now.